A Word from our President

"My prior experience as a trader on the Mid America and Chicago Merchantile Exchanges has enabled me to analyze cash and futures markets to therefore provide competitive pricing schemes to assist my customers in buying their products at the best possible prices"

"Honesty and sincerity in our business is hard to find. That's why, as President of Sun Belt Food Company, I'm happy to say that a large part of our business is from customer referrals. That is the best gift a customer can give to us. At Sun Belt Food Company our staff are honest, hardworking people. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction to keep you coming back month after month, year after year. We believe that our business is about building relationships. We are here to help you make your purchasing decisions as easy is possible, as well as providing the quality products and the distribution capabilities that you need. Please call us to find out how we can help."

Barry Dishman, President of Sun Belt Foods